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SofPort AO Intraocular Lens

Natural vision functionality in a three-piece silicone IOL

The SofPort AO Lens is designed to improve your vision in low light, such as candlelight and twilight, even nighttime.

Key Features & Benefits

  • SofPort AO (Advanced Optic) is a three-piece silicone lens
  • Enhanced contrast sensitivity and better vision quality are delivered by Bausch + Lomb aspheric, aberration-free designed Advanced Optics
  • Suitable for in-the-bag and sulcus placement.

The Benefits of an Aspheric Design

The SofPort AO is a three-piece silicone lens designed to be free of spherical aberration for better visual quality relative to standard spherical IOLs. More predictable and repeatable refractive outcomes with a broader patient population can be expected.

Uniform Centre-to-Edge Power

Optical performance is unaffected by pupil size or location of the optic due to uniform centre-to-edge power.

Contrast Sensitivity

Patients should experience their best-potential postoperative visual quality with enhanced contrast sensitivity; particularly important in low light or night time conditions.

Sulcus Placement

At 13.0mm overall length, the SofPort AO IOL is suitable for sulcus placement.