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skanmobile cr

SKANMOBILE CR is a rugged Computed Radiograhy system integrated seamlessly with SKANMOBILE.

Unique CR Technology

SKANMOBILE CR has a high performance military grade FDA approved CR system of high resolution & throughput integrated seamlessly with SKANMOBILE . It incorporates Unity Power Factor Correction and draws clean power from the mains. This X-ray system gives the best mobile radiogaphy technology with a low overall Totoal Cost of Ownership. SKANMOBILE CR incorporates iCRCo's True flat scan path™, a precise Scan mechanism, to produce over 3,00,000 high resolution images per plate. The imaging plates are fixed to a rigid back panel and unlike most CR products nothing touches the active area of the phosphor plate resulting in a superior image quality and durability of the system. A positive traction drive system ensures perfect artifact free reproduction.

Software Features:
  • Smart scanning - manipulate acquired images while additional cassettes are being scanned.
  • Superior Image Processing; automatically applies proper algorithms for anatomay.
  • Smart search, sort and filter options.
  • Full set of annotation and measurement tools.
  • User prefered settings and privileges.