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skan rad

A High Frequency fixed room RAD system along with bucky table and chest stand.


SKAN RAD is a compact radiographic system composed of a patient examination table with wheels, a tube column fixed on rails, vertical bucky stand along with Skanray's high performance DC X-ray generator to deliver optimum performance and productivity.

Design features

SKAN RAD is a ergonomically designed with a low-friction tube column, light bucky table and a vertical chect with a bucky. The tubehead arm has smooth traverse and vertical movements and the vertical column has a swivel mechanism for easy positioning. The system incorporates a fail safe electromagnetic locking feature to ensure safety and has a dedicated sleek console which displays all control parameters for added convenience.

Ease of Use

SKAN RAD provides complete diagnostic coverage of the patient with its smooth movements and extended reach. The controls are easy-to-use and are designed for quick operation for high patient throughput environments. The telescopic movement of the X-ray tube head with easy movement of the patient examination table enables quick radiographic applications.

  • Fixed RAD system with normal bucky table & chest stand
  • Fixed RAD system with motorised bucky table
  • Ergonomically designed low-friction Tube column
  • Table for easy positioning and High Quality Radiographic Images
  • Electromagnetic locking
  • Floor grouting on rails with foot mount for convenience
  • Vertical column with swivel mechanism
  • Tube head arm with traverse and vertical movements
  • Manual vertical bucky chest stand
  • Console with display
  • Myelogram
  • IVP (Intravenous Pyelogram)
  • Chin Examination
  • Barium Enema Diagnosis
  • Extremities Examination
  • Spine, Pelvis & Shoulder Examination
  • Anteroposterior (AP) Application
  • Posteroanterior (PA)