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skan c

A compact high frequency mobile C-Arm for your challenging ortho, peripheral vascular and other procedures.

Easy Mobility

SKAN C, with its compact space-saving design, fits easily in a small work space thereby allowing more free space for all your C-arm applications. A low lateral height helps to reduce skin irradiation level and also meets low height patient handling systems. Effortless precise positioning is possible due to the counter-balanced C-arm, in every plane. Smooth and noiseless motorized vertical movements are available at the press of a button. Adjustable angles of monitors, mounted on a slim monitor cart with small foot print, make for easy viewing.

State-of-the-art CAN controlled collimation

Virtual collimation is achieved through CAN controlled motorized collimator, thereby avoiding unnecessary radiation. A perfectly circular collimation is the unique design of this collimator. The hard & soft shutters optimize radiation outside the ROI along with blade rotation to adjust viewing orientation. All these functions are available to you at a click of a button.

Motorized Hi-Res CCD Camera with GigEVision Interface

Proven CCD technology with 1k x 1k high resolution sensor gives better image quality. Camera can be easily rotated through console keypad for your demanding image orientation needs. High speed and noise-free data transfer is ensured through GigEVision interface as per your frame rate requirements. Optical clarity is further improved with an independent controllable camera IRIS through user interface

Easy view technique

Scientifically designed monitor-viewing height & angle significantly reduces neck and eye strain for long duration procedures. A rotatable console with backlit keyboard visible even under diffused OT lightning promises comfortable operation.

High performance X-ray generator

SKAN C gives unmatched radiation safety by using an indigenously designed and fully integrated compact HF X-ray generator, capable of high performance and longer exposure sustainability at negligible leakage radiation. A unity power factor controller working in the range of 99 V - 254 V AC ensures stable and good quality imaging under wide range of input variation. The pulsing capability ensures low dose examination.

High quality image intensifier

A high quality 9" image intensifier (6" Optional) comes with a user-selectable magnification of image diameter (9" /6" / 4.5") for increased image resolution. Mu-metal magnetic shielding and lead radiation shielding further reduce environmental hazard to a negligible value giving excellent image quality at a low X-ray dosage.

Superior image processing

Vascular procedures can be powered with DSA, Road mapping and re-masking at any given time for your demanding surgical procedural needs. Image processing functions like zoom, pan, rotate, invert & adjusting brightness and contrast are made available at C-arm console as well as at work station monitor. Auto brightness and contrast control (ABC) and Auto Technique procedures result in reduced dose levels and improved image visualization for better diagnosis. DICOM compliant software makes for easy handling, storing, printing and remote viewing of medical images.

User-centric design

A user-friendly design of console and layout ensures easy handling and better understanding with greater comfort. Intuitive GUI helps to speed up procedures for hanlding more operations in a given time. On-the-fly messages and guidelines help in imparting increased confidence to the user. Reports can be customized with annotation, measurements, space saving multiform print and store options.

Surgical positioning made easy

SKAN C has a source side LASER as well as a LASER pointer at the detector side for easy surgical positioning, locating and aligning thereby reducing the dosage considerably.

In-built safety
  • Lowest leakage radiation through controlled collimation.
  • Large overhead X-ray ON indication.
  • Overdose limit for fluoro procedures exceeding permitted timing.
  • In-built redundancy controls for motorized activities.
  • Cable deflectors for avoiding movement hazards.
  • Class-I Laser used for safety of patient and user.
  • Positive locking system for all mechanical movements.
  • Single level-multiple brake technique for locking.