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Mobile X Ray

SKANMOBILE is a revolutionary light weight mobile unit powered with 4 kW, 100 mA, 250 mAs High Frequency Generator, giving high quality X-Ray images anywhere you want.

Advanced Technology Simplified

SKANMOBILE has an integrated Tube Head working on a DSP based dual processor computation mode for "on the fly" control. The 200 kHz switching combined with sub-micro second error correction rate ensures highly stable X-Rays. The anatomical programming (optional)/Two parameter manual control mode makes operation intitutive and simple.

SKANMOBILE's cutting edge technology breaks the price barriers. You get the world's best technology and still recover investments in less than a year.

Seamless Mobility

This lightweight mobile X-Ray unit is perfectly balanced to move around anywhere within the hospital on a ramp or in the lift. The ergonomically designed SKANMOBILE has a well balanced trolley and can be positioned to suit different bed heights. The vertical swing and horizontal rotation of the tube head enables X-Ray of any anatomy within limited space.

Clean and Green

SKANMOBILE draws clean power from the mains. It consumes negligible power in stand-by mode and conserves energy during operational mode. The Green Mode Universal Power Source enables consistent image quality while operating from 185V to 264V, 15 A, single phase AC power source (100V - 264V model also available on special request).

Safety at Heart

The unique SkanSHEILD® methodology results in virtually negligible leakage radiation, ensuring both patient and clinician are not exposed to unnecessay radiation. Skanray utilizes advanced SkanSAFE® technology to fulfill its commitment to comply with global standards. The precisely controlled collimator ensures accurate focusing of X-Ray beam on the required area closely matching with the light field. The vertical movement of the tube head powered by fail-safe actuation technology ensured that the horozontal arm is doubly protected against accidental overloading or mishandling.

Unified Solition

SKANMOBILE is universal in design and technology, and can be used for all general X-Ray applications and in Emergency units, ICU and normal bedside applications. With an Adaptive Computation Algorithm, SKANMOBILE delivers 100mAs at 100kV and 250mAs at 40kV to meet varied Radiographic requirements.