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micro skan

An ultra light 2.6 kW, 65 mA, 140 mAs portable high frequency X-Ray system for urban and rural radiological needs.

Hi-tech Portable DC Technology

microSKAN has a high efficiency 100 kHz HF generator with a DSP based dual processor that delivers excellent results. The two parameter manual contol mode makes operation intuitive and simple to use. The modern cutting edge high frequency technology breaks the price barriers and you get the world's best technology at the most affordable price.

Portability Redefined

This lightweight portable X-RAY system is ergonimically designed for highest degree of mobility and can be easily positioned even in limited space. The system has an intelligent graphical LCD display with 100 user-configurable anatomy presets for utmost convenience to the operator.

Clean Power for Green Results

microSKAN draws clean power from the mains. It consumes negligible power in stand-by mode and conserves energy during operational mode thereby resulting in a reduced power consumption. The Green Mode Universal Power source enables consistent image quality while operating from 90V to 264V, 15 A single phase AC power source. This unit can also work on a 5 kVA sine wave UPS/Inverter.

Safety at Heart

The unique SkanSHEILD® technology results in virtually negligible leakage radiation ensuring both patient and clinician are not exposed to unnecessary radiation. Skanray utilizes advanced SkanSAFE® technology to fulfill its commitment to comply with global standards. The precisely controlled collimator ensures accurate focusing of X-Ray beam on the required area closely matching with the light field. The fail-safe actuating technology ensures that the horizontal arm is doubly protected against accidental overloading and mishandling.

  • Pediatric application
  • Neo-Natal ICU applications
  • Mobile health camps
  • Ambulance
  • Military applications